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MovingQuotesThe process of moving out of your home and into a new space can sometimes be challenging and almost always, it requires a certain amount of patience, money and some basic organizational skills. However, by putting together, an actionable and flexible moving guide, that can be adjusted, from time to time, consumers can facilitate a smooth and successful move, without getting stressed out. This list can be divided into color-coded categories, such as blue for appliances, white for clothes, green for garage equipment, blue for basement stuff, red for service providers, etc. All items must be tagged with the color of their group. This will make it easier, to keep similar things together, once everything has been placed in boxes.

All items that are in the home, that are not being used, should be set aside. Plastic or plastic composite material, such as cups, bins, containers, old lawn furniture, worn buckets and other miscellaneous items, should be placed in designated recycle bins, to be hauled away, on trash day. Any metal-based objects, such as old computer equipment, broken down dryers or washers and unused or very old electronics, can be dropped off at a scrap yard, where consumers will be compensated, based on total gross weight. This of course, will dramatically cut down, the number of possessions to be moved, which can save you a substantial amount of money, with the moving company. Taking an inventory of all things that need to be moved, placing them in secure boxes and using some padding for the more fragile items, is recommended.

Approximately one month, prior to the move, it's important to contact service providers, such as the local cable company for your high speed Internet access or television programming, as well as the utility companies and request a shutoff date or termination of service date. This will give the companies ample time, to cancel your accounts and make arrangements to resume service at your new location. Banks and insurance companies should be given your new address, by phone or online, at least month before moving out. Banks in particular, have computerized automated systems in place, that require approximately 30 days, before a change of address, takes effect with their mail correspondence operations. The Post Office, offers an online option to modify your personal residence information or address online, as well as setup a temporary mail forwarding service.

Customers, can obtain moving quotes, over the phone or online. This estimate will be based on the distance between your current home and the new place, as well as the total weight of all your belongings. Movers are very experienced in all aspects of moving and employees, typically will offer helpful suggestions, on how to pack your valuables, drop off moving supplies and will handle all the heavy duty lifting. These companies generally charge reasonable fees, are bonded and their well deserved reputation, relies heavily on word of mouth. Their courteous and attentive employees are seasoned professionals, with a proven track record in efficiently moving your belongings, while handling them with care.

Their entire business model depends on customer satisfaction and therefore responding promptly or in a timely manner, to client concerns, is in their best interest. Customers who choose to hire a moving company, automatically eliminate, most of the common frustrations, that are associated with this process. Their time tested, streamlined approach, that has taken years to perfect, is constantly adjusted or tweaked, to accommodate the specific requirements of their individual clients. They have very flexible schedules and are known to stay in constant communication with their customers, during the transition phase.


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