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Moving Tips - Don't Let Your Dream Be a Nightmare

MovingTipsThe big day has arrived, hours later you're moving into your dream house. Everything was seeming fine earlier today, and you were thinking you have prepared everything. But what is all the mess now? Why the company insists those furnitures are not included in the deal and how come your new landlord says he is not in the town to give you the keys? This is nothing like your dreams, but should it be that way?..

No, it doesn't have to be this way, moving into your dream house shouldn't turn into a nightmare. A little preparation and organizing little details a few weeks before the moving date would take less time than you would think, but it'll return to you as a big profit in long term.

First, a few quick moving tips for you to prevent all of your worries

Finding a moving company is a simple task, there are lots of companies. But finding a GOOD moving company is not that simple. Do not let the first company you see to organize your moving, a short research would take a few days at most, but it will save you a lot of headache and even some money!..

Make sure you checked the moving estimates twice, if you don't want to regret it later. It may cost much more than you would think! Also make sure all the stuff is included in the list and none of them are left behind.

If there are things you'll do the packing yourself, do not wait 'till the last day. Instead, begin packing at least a week ago. Leave the ones you'll need, but try to pack all the rest as soon as possible. This will reduce your stress to minimum, because this is the hardest part of moving your house. Also you won't be tired and sleepy on the moving day, as a result of the yesterday's 'all-night-long packing'!..

Do not try to take everything with you, including the unnecessary stuff. If there are lots of stuff you don't use and probably will throw away in the future, do it now! If you don't use them anymore, you can try to give away the old clothes or donate your old books to a library... It would return to you as less moving cost, and you'll protect your new house against unnecessary crowd of old stuff!..

Make sure the authorized people are informed about the moving day. You don't want to hear the infamous sentence, which begins with "We were not expecting you today!"...

Your address will be changed forever, and if you don't want to receive non-paid debts in the future or if you don't want to hear your old penpal making a fuss about that you haven't replied to her mails, make sure you did all the necessary processes and informed everyone.

The list may seem short and simple, but in long term, you'll enjoy the great benefits of all those little preparations. Doing all of them a few weeks before you move would make your move a stress-free one and you'll be able to enjoy your moving day without headaches and problems...

Make sure the first day of your new life will be stress-free!..

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